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Babysitter in Ottawa - Ottawa S.
Full-Time, Part-Time • Live-Out
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Ottawa S.

Yrs old
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Ottawa • 7 km away

"سلام."The Supportive is Here"! " Nanny Provider / Mother Helper is my Self Employed!" "Greeting to Families/Mothers!" I'm eager to chat, meet to in person to discuss, then move forward to care for your children in my best, most reliable, and safe hands. It's my Honore of being at Your Trust, and been the First Supportive for both You /Your Children." I'm a Mother & Childcare Provider who's reliable, a kids lover, a hard worker, friendly, honest, and safe in search to find a wonderful Family, Single Mother, and Pregnant Woman to help out. *Speaks Arabic and English, *Status: a Mother with children. *Lives: Ottawa South on K1V. * Request: Working 4-5 days a Week on Regular Weekdays. Available for 5-7 Hours or 8-12 Hours Daily.*On (Monday-Friday). *Regularly During Daytime LIVE OUT/ with LIVES IN Accept", (See my description). *Experience: Childcare Provider with 20 years of experience with infants to school ages, plus 5 years Housekeeper in Ottawa South. *More information can be founded up here in the section " About my Experiences". If you are interested, it's my honor to help you, arrange in person interview to discuss all your details so we can move forward. Thank you, can't wait to meet you.

Asalam Alaikum, السلام عليكم Welcome Everyone, thank you so much for checking my profile for my position is Childcare with Light Housekeeping.😊 **Hopefully clear to You, Please PM me through this link *📣 ADVICE YOU 👉 "Interested in Regular Nanny in the Daytime on Weekley". About me:✓Am a mother with children. ✓Live in Ottawa South Town (between Heron Rd and Walkley Rd)if you know where Heron Get Mall "I'm There" postal code K1V. ✓ Provide Nanny Help with Reliable offers to parents who are located in Ottawa if you are on/ near/close to my area. ✓Transportation: "I Don't Drive but I have No Problem Coming to You, Depending on Your Distance, my apologies if you are far. ✓Working Experiences: Have over 21 years of experience as a Childcare Provider, and 5 Years as a Housekeeper. ✓Ages: Worked with (Infants, Toddlers, Preschools, and School Ages 7+ years) in many Ottawa Childcare Centers. ✓Years Time Spent: Worked at Daycare Centers from 2018 until 2022, Self Employed as a Nanny worked from Sept-Dec 2022 for a Baby Boy . ✓ Employment: Colonel By Childcare Center, Overbrook Childcare Center( Andrew Fleck Children's Services), Garderie Oasis Child Care Centre, and Capital Daycare Center. ✓Children Cared for: Worked with Normal Children and Special Need in all the childcare centers. ✓Education: 2005-2010 High School Completed Diploma, ✓Training: Coop Education was in Charles H Hulse PS with Kindergarten, 1& 2 grades. ✓Childcare Worker Course Ottawa Catholic School Board 2018. ✓Self Employed as a Babysitter: From 1999 until 2020 babysat my related as needed. ------------------------------------- ✓Main Subject for Work: In search of a Daytime REGULAR Nanny Position or Mother Help with help around the house with Wonderful Families, Single Mothers, or Pregnant Mothers, interested in my Support for Full time or Part time, or Part-time Leading to Full time. My Primary Nanny job is with Light Housekeeping. (Read this to the end Please). Optional(2) Trying The Best if Requested: I'm very helpful to you, Mother Help with help around the house can Accept "No Hard Very Long Duties". 👉If you Live in a Small or Medium size of 1-2 or a Maximum of 3 Rooms for a House/Apartment. The Housekeeper is responsible for: 👉Kitchen #Tight up the kitchen, Dishes wash dishes or cooking pots by hand or in the dishwasher, clean the inside and outside of the fridge, cupboards, stove/oven surfaces on top/in, dishwasher, dining room, pantry, floor, meal preparation serve, and change the garbage. 👉 Living Rooms#Sweep, mop, clean fruntiors, surfaces, floor, and stairs. 👉Rooms # Tight up each item to put back in its spots, prepare the bed or change it to wash the sheets if requested, also dirty clothes as well, folded and return back laundry after, sweep the floor, and more if requested, collect the garbage. 👉Washroom#Clean, mop, sweep, the surfaces, and change hands towels, Re-fell soaps, shampoo, and collect garbage. ------------------------------ ✓Children Acceptable Ages: From 6 Months to 7 years old, I might accept younger/older ages but that depends, my favorite age is 7 months to 2 years. ✓ Number of children Accept, 1-2 Maximum Usually or if Siblings 1 more Add it. ✓ Availability: Daytime Primary Regular "LIVE OUT", when I start I can help if you requested AS NEEDED LIVE IN for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Days in a while for an Extra Helpful Hand will Accept. Nanny's Shifts on Weekdays" Monday to Friday", for 4-5 Days a Week, Weekly 30-40+ Working Hours, on Daytime (Full-time 8-12Hrs/Part-time 5-7 Hrs A Day). ✓Nanny's Rate: Primary Nanny with light Housekeeping. Paid Bi-Weekly(Every 2 Weeks on Friday, including the last day before the new starting week)By Cash, my wage is Reasonable for Daytime From $18-$20 an Hour/NEGOTIABLE. ∆ Option(2) Mother Help with help around the house, Rate is $20+an Hour/Negotiable. ✓ Schedule Shifts : (Long Term: 6 Months, or 1 to 4 Years or +Plus) or (Short Term: 1 Week - 5 Months)On Regular Help for (Full-time 8-12 Hours a day) or (Part Time For 6-7) for 4-5 Days A WEEK. ✓ Chores: Caring, Supervising, Light Housekeeping, Children's Laundry, Meal Preparation to Serve children "Ready to Go Meals from the Fridge", if the parent cooked already Prefer, (if Cooking's Requested which will be Mainly for Children), Following parents' daily routines same as the schedule provided, Outside and inside-home activities, and more things provided at your House! -------------------------------------- ✓Documents: Resume+References, Police Check, Stander First Aid & CPR Level C, Covid-19 Vaccinations Proof, will provide upon request when starting working. -------------------------------------- ✓Contact: If you are interested, honestly in need of my help, you look at my Photo for my phone number, please Text first or Email me, also "the Schedule Sign Section has my contact info included my Facebook to PM at it for a quick response".You are welcome to send me questions on Facebook for immediate respond or phone number will respond shortly or within a few hours to move on. Blessing on the Honor Opportunity if We Moved Forward.

Ottawa Catholic School Board-Early Childcare Worker Course.

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Salary: Negotiable

Work Availability
Desired start date immediately
Able to do the following
Light housekeeping
Prepare meals for kids
Transport children
Do children's laundry
Help with homework
Keep the kitchen tidy
Аdditional comments
🛑🕊️🐥🐈I am comfortable with Mini Tamed Pets only. 🫂❤️Caring: -Supportive to Families, Pregnant Women, and Single Mother. -Offer my love to the children. If Simple Extra Tasks Needed:Nanny and Light Housekeeper, or Mother's help to help around the house. 🤱💒Live Out -Accept live-in: If I'm already working with you as Live out, but for any reason, you might ask for Lives in, depending on your need. (I don't mind helping you.) 🛌Mother's Help on Daytime : If needs to rest, or complete her tasks, ( I take care of the Child/ren or share the work). ✓Please know I don't Cook✓🍳🍜Meals(Lunch)/(AM &PM Snacks): - If I am required to Cook, it will be Simple Food for the Main Child/ren, Prefer to Peaper Ready to Serve Meals cooked earlier Parents Made it Already. -Follow the parent's schedule as required for the children's routine. ⛹️🚶Outside Activities: -If requested to walk outside to the nearby School/Park /Playgroup/Daycare, etc. 🚃Children's Transport: -Drop off/Pick Up child/ren from the school/Daycare bus stop, or walk them if close by. 🚽Washroom Time: -Change Diapers depending on the ages of Infants to preschool. -Depending on the Age, if the Potty trained needed, or 7 months or older assist with bathing if required. 🍼Babies/Children Needs: ⭕ Age 6 +Months Old, I don't Bath the child/ren only if requested. -Infants and Toddlers Provide Formula, Feeding, or more. -Child/ren Help them take naps as required. 🤒💊Simply Sick: -Supervise, Monitor and Administer the child/ren with medication if requested to recovery, if parents provided it a writing instructions and gave a consent. 🎂🎉Special Event: -If required plan and celebrate it for the children to make it an enjoyable time for them.
Experience with age groups
Willing to care for 2 children
1-2 years
3-5 years
6-9 years
over 10 years


First Aid Training
CPR Training
High School
Graduated High School or Equivalent
My references
Recommended by Charles
Will Provide information Upon Requested.
Recommended by High S.
Will Provide information Upon Requested.
Additional Information
Active: Today • Member since: July 2021
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance
featureHave my own child/children
Gender: Female
Proof of police check: Yes
Proof of negative Covid-19 results: I have a vaccination card
My Nationality: Arab
Languages: Arabic, English
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