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My name is Tonie, 23 years old, Filipina, and a student nurse. As a student nurse, my priority is your child's needs and safety. I always make sure they have a comfortable, clean, and safe space while they enjoy doing things they love. I am engaged with children as I enjoy doing arts and crafts (painting, drawing, legos, puzzles) as well as outdoor sports (basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis) and indoor activities. I excel in Science and Literature so I can be an extra tutor and a help to your kid's homework should they need it. I hold a Basic Life Support (CPR) Certification. I am also planning to have a driver’s license by 2023. Currently, I am looking for short programs where I can take childhood education on my free time. Although I can speak and understand French, I am more comfortable with English so I prefer it. I am fully vaccinated with COVID-19 Vaccine and up-to date with Flu.

My love for children started when I met my first baby cousin. I love having play times with him, going on walks, and watching him achieve his so many of his firsts. Through the years, I grew up taking care of my other baby cousin until she was two years, so I have basic knowledge on changing diapers, nap time, preparing simple meals, and baths. Currently, I work as an occassional babysitter for two, wonderful kids. I supervise and engage with them on their playtime, walk to and pick them up from their activities, do bedtime stories, and many more.

High School Graduate (with diploma and honors) Student Nurse

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