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Joy Reano M.

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Today is June 8, 2023 and I’m updating this account for the purpose of finding just a Saturday job. But before anything else, I just want to thank the NannyServices for creating this app . This has been a big help to me and this is where I found all the few wonderful families that I’ve worked for, with whom in return for hiring me I’ve given my full loyalty and my current one whom I also found here even while I was still in Toronto. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I’ll again be able to find another wonderful part time (Saturday) employer soon. My name is Joy and I am 56 years old. Mature enough to know the seriousness of the responsibilities that will be hand down to me by my employer and flexibility of time and day comes with it. I believe that being a nanny, my days off rely on the days when my employer is free from her work, otherwise what's the point of hiring one when she can not be at ease with her own working time and schedule. I believe too, that most employers are forced to look for a reliable and trustworthy nanny to take over their responsibilities at home while they will be away for work. And while they are. I know that extreme worries keep bugging the back of their minds of what can possibly happen, if the kids are safe, secure and well taken care of as well as their home. But who wouldn't The lives of their kids are handed to a stranger which is really a risk and so they really have no choice but to rely on their trust, intuition and high hopes that they have truly chosen the right one. And so, for this, I say. having been a hands-on mother myself to my own kids, the love of children and the genuine passion of taking care of children has always been within me.. I can only give my word, at least for the moment. that if given the chance, I for sure, will pour out all of my love and care for these kids who will be under my supervision while at the same time making sure to put myself in the right place as just being their nanny and implementing the discipline if needed, always, in accordance with the parent's rules and regulations. Lastly, I say, that transparency and honesty are two of the most important things that I value the most. As the saying goes, it takes years to build a trust but it can be destroyed within seconds of dishonesty. Along comes with it as well is the accuracy of time and punctuality. Of the most things that I don't want to do, is to mess up with my own employer's work schedule. In the course of my 14 working years as a nanny, there were only 4 families that I have worked for. Not one of these families had me for lesser than two years. The longest by far was the wonderful Chinese family. My one and only employment in Hong Kong which lasted me for 8 good straight years with them. At this juncture, I think, I have initially introduced myself well. If there are any questions pertaining to my work experience, I will be most happy to answer and I hope that I qualify your requirements and fit to take care of your kids and home.

During my working days, my day started preparing breakfast for the kid. It followed by preparing for daycare, guiding my ward and at the same time teaching how to brush the teeth properly, washing the face and putting on the clothes before giving her the breakfast. Since the daycare was just nearby, I cooked the lunch and brought it before their scheduled lunch time so she would eat freshly cooked food. After that cleaning the house followed while at the same time doing the laundry, or I should say all the housework there was to do, I did it like I was in my home home making sure I still did it the way my employer wanted me to do. I also took alternate duties of taking care of the newborn twin baby boys with the mother who was just at home. There were times I was left alone with the three kids and had to do the feeding of the newborn twins, changed their diapers etc., to include the cleaning/washing and sterilising the milk bottles which is one of the first thing I did in the morning.

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My Nationality: Filipino
Languages: English, Tagalog

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