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Neshme F.

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Montreal • 164 km away

Hello! I’m Nesh and I’ve been working as a babysitter/nanny for about 8 years. Being energetic, engaging, reliable, innovative and a good problem-solver, are some of the skills I find the most helpful while working in this position. Having worked with children of a wide variety of age groups (3 months - 15 year olds) has also made me highly adaptable since every single kid’s personality is different, and getting to know the family and the children’s interests, passions, hobbies, challenges, and personality types, is a challenge I feel passionate about, and committed to. I’m a sustainability and social responsibility student, I’m fluent in English, and Spanish, and constantly getting better at my French and Italian. I love outdoor activities, arts and crafts, reading, writing, and the number of things you could do with that and children’s imagination. I’m ideally looking for a full time job and a loving family who also cares about respect, patience, communication and empathy, but I’m also open to take multiple jobs or do sporadic babysitting. It would be amazing to be matched with a job that covers both of our needs and where we both feel happy and comfortable! I’m more than willing to talk over the phone or meet beforehand to discuss further details!

I’ve worked with children for a couple of years. I initially started babysitting for different families, but then started working at a summer camp for children where I’d be responsible of taking care of 10 kids at the same time during the weekend. After that job, I worked at a daycare with babies and toddlers. I’ve had experience with kids aged from 3 months to 15 year olds. I can give references too.

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