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Nanny/Babysitter in Edmonton - Christopher D.

Christopher D.

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Full-Time, Part-Time • Live-In, Live-Out
I have many years of experience working with children. Furthermore, I possess 6 years working with developmental delays and other issues relating to autism and trauma backgrounds. I enjoy outdoor activities, as well as cooking, sports, and reading. I have 2 daughters of my own whom I share part time with their mom. I have over 12 years of combined child care experience ranging from teaching to nannying, to work with developmental disabilities, and daycare work. I am a graduate of the University of Alberta. I possess a Childcare Development Assistant Certificate (Level 1). I also have 2 daughters of my own. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Alberta Level 1 Childcare Development Assistant
Nanny/Babysitter in Edmonton - Puneet B.

Puneet B.

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Full-Time • Live-In, Live-Out
As a 16-year-old currently in 11th grade, I am excited to pursue a babysitter job seeker position that allows me to utilize my unique qualities and skills. In addition to providing attentive care, I can offer academic assistance to children who may need help with school-related tasks, drawing from my own experiences as a high school student. My personal interests include reading, crafts, painting, listening to music, hiking, cooking, and baking, which I can incorporate into engaging activities for children. One of my standout attributes is my calm and patient demeanor, as I firmly believe in maintaining a composed and reassuring presence, even in challenging situations. With a strong sense of self-control, I am able to handle unexpected circumstances calmly and effectively. Furthermore, I am more than willing to lend a hand with household chores, such as cooking and cleaning, ensuring a well-rounded and supportive environment. Overall, I am dedicated, responsible, and possess the necessary qualities to provide excellent care while creating a positive and enjoyable experience for the children I look after. As a 16-year-old seeking a babysitting position, I may not have formal professional experience, but I have gained valuable hands-on experience through caring for my younger siblings and cousins. Managing the needs of two little ones at the same time has helped me develop patience, multitasking skills, and a deep understanding of child care. I understand the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for children. When taking care of a child, my top priority would be their well-being and happiness. I would ensure their safety by maintaining a vigilant eye, implementing age-appropriate activities to stimulate their development, and promoting positive behavior through gentle discipline. I believe in open communication with both the child and their parents to establish trust and address any concerns or questions that may arise. Ultimately, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide responsible and caring babysitting services, offering parents peace of mind while creating a fun and secure environment for their children.
Nanny/Babysitter in Edmonton - Serena S.

Serena S.

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Part-Time • Live-Out
Hi, I’m Serena and I’m 17, currently in grade 12. I’m looking for a part time job as a babysitter. I’m someone who loves to spend time with children and I’m also really creative and calm. I’m fully vaccinated and I also have a first aid/ cpr certification. I’ve worked with kids up to 10 years old. Also had experience on watching more than one child at a time, and am able to cook or dress them up. I help with homework as well
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Nanny/Babysitter in Edmonton - Chelsea B.

Chelsea B.

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Full-Time, Part-Time • Live-Out
I love working with older people and young children, I find myself to be extremely established and know what I want in life. I’m willing to work with anything that can be thrown at me. I’ve babysat children from 2 weeks - 12 years. I have worked in daycares and currently caregiving as a career.
Nanny/Babysitter in Edmonton - Natalie G.

Natalie G.

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Part-Time • Live-Out
I have recently moved from Toronto, Ontario to Sherwood Park, Alberta. My 9-5 is working at the Mental Health Hospital where I advocate for individuals living with mental illnesses and working with funders to advance mental health care across the province. I do not have children of my own, but I have a dog that I treat like my child. I am very ambitious and caring, and love children as I feel like I’m a bit of a child myself. I cook (grew up in an Italian home), drive, am very clean, and love to focus on games and activities that have an educational benefit for children. I have worked with children over the last 7 years. I have moved from Toronto Ontario to Edmonton Alberta and looking to find new families to assist in any way possible.