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Seeking before-school care for two kids ages 5 and 7.


I am looking for help during the week in the mornings for my two kids ages 5 and 7, who attend Dorothy Peacock Elementary. It's low-key. I'm looking for someone kind and patient to guide them through the rest of their getting ready, and then walk with them to school. Ideally 7 or 7:15am to 8:30 or 8:35am. They are energetic, imaginative, articulate, and curious. They might request company going to to their room (too dark and scary to go on their own!) to finish getting dressed, or someone to sit in front of the bathroom while they sit on the toilet and monologue their thoughts. They may need a reminder to return to the kitchen table and finish their breakfast. Or some offers of more breakfast options. They may need assistance with their rain pants or buckling up their bike helmets. They're conscious of the road and its dangers, and 90% of the time will wait for the adult to watch up before crossing. I have split custody with their dad, Shawn, who I'm on good terms with. We alternate weeks, switching on Sundays. He lives on 208 st and 82 ave in an apartment. It would be great if the caregiver could meet at his place, and drive the kids to school. But he could drop them off at my house, instead, if that works better. Shawn is usually organized and packs their lunches early. I am fairly scattered, and might still be packing their lunches and making breakfast up until the last minute. There's a chance I'd give instructions as I'm racing out the door - "Please chop up some nectarines to add to their lunches! Oh, and their waterbottles still need to be filled!" I need to leave for work around 7:05 to 7:15. The priority is being there for the kids. My place can be messy and chaotic, so I wouldn't turn down the occasional cleaning or tidying here and there, if time allows. But it's not the expectation.

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